There is a girl
in the mirror
looking back at ME.
Sometimes I know
who she was
Sometimes I wish
I knew
who was SHE.

There are a number of feelings that a person experiences when one looks at their reflection in the mirror; and one’s reaction is instantly evident to oneself in the eyes. The eyes are a reflection of one’s soul.  Approval, satisfaction, narcissism, self-loathing, self-pity, courage, vanity, numbness – are just some of the things that a person experiences when he/she glances at a mirror. Some people look at themselves and are satisfied, but some choose to delve a bit deeper. After a thorough inspection of every single pore of their skin will they proceed to go out.  Some just throw a cursory glance and move away, for, their appearances are the last thing they should bother about. I, along with many of you, am sure will fall into the former category. With the advancement of technology and our lives thrown into tangible hands of social media, being exposed to public scrutiny is quite mundane. But don’t you think we are quite harsh, so many times? Harsh on others and especially on ourselves. But have we ever stopped to wonder why we bother with other people’s opinion of us? What other people think about us is their business and we have nothing to bother about.

Teenage, adolescence, coming-of-age is the period where we truly find ourselves. You get your heart broken, you fail, you make mistakes, you learn, you grow up. Everyone wants to grow up, and at some point in our lives we have said it. “I want to grow up.’’ But what does growing up entail? This is surely what you did not expect.

In the process of creating an identity, carving out a niche in this world, we end up losing ourselves; losing our identities and quirks; personal opinion and comfort in order to ‘fit in’. Why do young girls starve themselves and later spend so long thoroughly hating the tiny bulge in their stomach? Why do young boys sweat hard in the gym, not for good health but for the ridiculous six-pack abs that’s the new trend? Stop, people! Stop right there. Hold on a minute and reflect. Think about yourself first! If you like to wear that outfit, go do it! If you want to eat that pizza with extra cheese, go right ahead, boy.  What anybody else says or thinks about you doesn’t matter. It only matters when you as person would or wouldn’t want to do it for any PERSONAL reasons, and not due to public scrutiny or overly scrutinizing yourself. Stop it, no one cares that much.

When you look into the mirror after a mistake, do you see a failure? When you look into the mirror after a heart-break, do you see a person who isn’t good enough? When you look into the mirror after a nice, full meal, do you see that extra flab and feel ugly? STOP. Stop right there. What you should see is a human being; who is constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly growing. What you should see is a person who made mistakes and won’t repeat them. What you should see is a person who is strong enough to put himself out there and is brave enough to love someone that way. What you should see is a person who enjoyed himself. That happy light in your eyes is cherishable. There is always hope, and you are good enough. Everyone sees it. You should see it, too.

You are only human and that’s your saving grace. Don’t let a shiny polished object make you over-think; instead you are looking at a courageous, loving, independent and good looking person who is smiling back at you. Make mistakes, learn, but in the end, find yourself and find your way.

Your appearance is not the only thing that defines you and don’t let it. You, dear human are a walking, breathing, changing mess (not using ‘beautiful’ since its ghastly overrated -_-). Don’t look at yourself and others so superficially. There is much more to a person than his appearance which can be very deceptive. A sexy woman can be an absolute harlot and a dashing man can be mean, stupid or heartless. Too many people would shun the shiny polished object if it reflected back their character instead of their countenance. You have your own thoughts and opinions, stories and mysteries, success and failures, love found and love lost; start looking a little deeper into things and you will be surprised at what you would find. The universe is not made of atoms (my fellow science students, shut up.), it is made of tiny little stories. I think we all have a little ‘let’s save the world’ in us. But it is perfectly okay to save only one person and its okay if that one person is YOU.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Parshwa says:

    Perfect 👌


  2. Oh, wow! This is so thoughtful. It’s lovely to see so much confidence and faith in what you write. It’s insightful and inspirational.


  3. Crux27 says:

    This is AMAZING.
    And I’m having my pizza with extra cheese tonight xD


    1. eyeslikegrey says:

      Thank you ❤ Hahahaha :')


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