Moment Of Clarity.

I am waiting for that one moment of clarity in my life where after doing something my entire universe flicks back into focus, where doing something pleases, appeals or just stills my old soul. Like playing a piano, composing a melody, travelling and reaching your destination. I want my moment of clarity. And the closest I have gotten to having my moment of clarity is when I am with you. I have always believed in doing whatever I want, and I desire a life so enthralling that I hear my heart pounding in my ears and my broad grin stretching across my face with my two dimples etched permanently. But at the same time, I long for those moments where my soul is perfectly at ease. That, that moment instills a stillness in my soul which I seldom experience. Now this feels like undermining my 18years’ worth of existence, but in those moments my soul felt belonged or excited or just fluttering with happiness. But with you, there is a stillness that I have never found before. With anything or anyone. And I wish to cherish it to the best of my abilities. And also hope that I find my moment of clarity in other things.


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